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2017-04-04 07:37:37 by SandraDRivas

I keep forgetting to update on Newgrounds, even though I wanna use it more. I've been busy with Yotta work and my current involvment with a mini-series called Too Loud. If you want you can also follow these accounts for more activity...

Twitter --> https://twitter.com/SandraDRivas
Tumblr --> http://sandrarivasart.tumblr.com/
Instagram (mainly for wips) --> https://www.instagram.com/sandradrivas/

Here's some stuff I worked on last year and the year before. I'll also post links of the animations/clean-up I did. Edit: there was more stuff to show that I JUST remember haha

2015 (really old work so sorry)

Jo MinkusNickelodeon InternationalVimeo















PAUL TER VOORDE animated this beauty! I only did clean-up http://sandrarivasart.tumblr.com/post/140952362474/i-got-to-help-a-bit-on-the-latest-eddsworld


clean-up only. Buy the game if you wanna --> http://store.steampowered.com/app/383980/


One of Studio Yotta's biggest project! Wish I did more but it was still great to be a part of it

Studio Yotta also worked on Nickelodeon pilot called Planet Panic, with Gene Goldstein as the creator



It's not posted yet but hopefully soon!

There's a bunch more projects we worked on but can't show it yet. Studio Yotta is also part of several more animations, secret at the moment but look forward to it!

I've been busy juggling 1-2 projects, mainly Too Loud at the moment, and working on some IMPORTANT commissions. It's been pretty hard to stay active but good stuff is coming. I promise

OH YEAH follow Studio Yotta on Twitter for more updates

Also check out this really cool video about Newgrounds


Okay back to work. See ya later!

Hey everyone!

2016-07-15 19:11:43 by SandraDRivas

I've been gone, but now i'm back. Aside from Yotta work, paintings, digital work, and other commission/freelance stuff, I now have an online art store! Horrayyyyy


You can check it out, I'll be selling original paintings and digital prints. I accept paypal and credit card, AND I can do international shipping.

Thanks for all the support you've given me during these past months. I know i'm not very active but that means I'm workin'

I'll keep you guys posted on more stuff I got planned. Byyyyyeeeee


2016-01-05 21:28:29 by SandraDRivas

i havent said much at all lately, mainly cuz ive been busy working. i'll try to be more active here to post some artwork whenever i make the time.

I worked on a bunch of stuff last year but i've only managed to show about half of them, hopefully sometime this year i'll be able to show more.


First time here

2015-02-25 15:14:20 by SandraDRivas