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Freelance animator/illustrator/cartoonist. Has done work for John K, Eddsworld "Mirror Mirror", Titmouse, Yotta, Youtube, Cartoon Network, Double Fine, and Nickelodeon. Currently working for Team Meat on Super Meat Boy Forever

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(edit: kinda editing this post since it got a little messed up)

EY! So... I might be using this account more. For real this time. I mean nothing will change. I'll still be crazy busy and absent hahahahaha

Anywho, lemme show my demo reel first before I get into detail


Alright, here are some of the projects I worked on since last year

Thankful to have worked with Yotta on these shorts! I'll make a seperate post eventually to show my animations.



I boarded an episode for a webseries called Too Loud last year and I JUST wrapped up another episode for the new season! Stay tuned!


Got to help Yotta again on these two really cool projects! They both came out great!



A huge thanks to Oddfellows for letting me be a part of this! I never thought I would get to animate Ed Edd n Eddy, one of my favorite shows!


Another thanks to Capy Games for letting me contribute! They were very generous to use a lot of my animations even when I was completely new to game development.


As always, a big thanks to Studio Yotta for letting me participate! I'll show some of my work eventually.




Here's what happening at the moment. I just wrapped up boarding an episode for Too Loud, currently helping out with a pilot called Long Gone Gulch. I've got a BUNCH of work to finish so there will be more to show in the future!


And bigger news! I'm one of the animators for Super Meat Boy Forever, a sequel to the game we know and love!!

We got to show off the game at PAX West (and AGDQ) with the first world and first boss fight completed! Paul and Temmie animated the first boss cutscene and it looks gorgeous! I'm happy for all the hard work we've done so far! We have a great team and I can't wait to show more from the game!





I recorded the assets I animated that were shown in the game.

This whole year has been me juggling projects and I'm really REALLY beat, but it's been a good productive year overall! I have so much work to catch up on and I need to finish a lot before the holidays.

I always feel guilty for being absent all the time. Most of my work has been NDA and I haven't made a lot of time for my own art, except maybe a couple goofy fanart stuff. I'll actually post a couple of them pretty soon.

Hopefully next year I can have a smarter work ethic............



ALSO, I've been playing Hollow Knight recently and I'm completely hooked! It's a beautiful fun game and I highly recommend it! --> http://hollowknight.com/

Anyways, sorry for yet another really long post! I've gotta get back to work. Later!